Manuela Rastaldi: dancer, choreographer and teacher.


My nationality is Italian. Since 1995, I have been living in Belgium where have established the centre of my professional activities.

Since my early youth, I have followed a very complete training in classical and contemporary dance. With the help of scholarships , I was able to pursue these studies at a higher level abroad (Switzerland, United States) and finally in Belgium on the occasion of the opening of PARTS school (ROSAS).

Very quickly, my professional life as a dancer became involved in prestigious Belgian companies. (Michèle Anne De Mey, Charleroi-danses etc.)


In order to develop my own work, I founded my research group - ENNESIMA - which I led as a choreographer.

These activities have taken me to the major national and international scenes and allowed me to collaborate on many specific projects: choreography and dance for films, installations, interventions on particular sites... (several collaborations with the director/composer Thierry De Mey).


I have also worked as a trans -disciplinary artistic coach and assistant (IDILL dance film festival, musical projects, etc.).


Since 2016, I have been part of the stage collective "Kiss & Cry" by director Jaco Vandormael and choreographer Michèle-Anne De Mey.

I play one of the main roles in the show "Cold Blood" for national and international touring performances.


My studies in contemporary dance includes contact-impro, Tai-chi techniques, Alexander technique, yoga, body-mind centering and ABT (Awerness Througth the Body).


Today, I have the desire to pass on these achievements to others: young artists, students,childrens, people likely to draw from dance movement a source of renewal (musicians, actors, educators, artists from neighbouring disciplines, etc.).


Affected in a fairly close way by the problems related to Alzheimer's disease, I have developed a particular interest in the support (through movement) of disoriented elderly people and had the opportunity to follow seniors in nursing homes.

I found it very rich and the results obtained were a real contribution to my personal development.

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