pre-dance (5/10 years old)

A playful approach to dance: adapted rhythmic work, discovery of the body in movement, improvisation games.

Learn to feel an idea, to translate it into dance movement, to develop one's own creativity and imagination while gradually introducing technical basics.


yoga (8/11 years old)

Help our children to breathe better, relax and develop concentration.

Simple and inventive postures, adapted to the youngest.


re-focusing (11/15)

Classes based on the awakening of consciousness througth the body (ABT exercises, Body Mind, Contact-Impro).


Develop our confidence (in ourselves and in others), presence, listening and concentration.

Recognize our areas  of discomfort (physical/mental) to become aware of our ability to adapt.

Accept our limits and those of others for better collaboration.

Improve the awareness of being in a changing body reality.


movement for well-being

Course resulting from the fusion of different approaches.

Encourage relaxation to improve mobility and vitality, use creativity to awaken the physical and mental, to become more flexible and better adapt to daily life, find pleasure in movement.


movement and yoga on a chair

Basic postures adapted for people with limited flexibility, to cultivate the youth of the soul.

Work on a chair specially designed for people with reduced mobility.