I offer you support to refine the sense of perception of self, others and the environment through movement and  contact.


Practicing conscious movement develops a more open and sensory presence.


The activities/exercises during group or individual lessons, have a playful and creative aspect. They aim to increase the awareness of movement (and therefore of oneself) and gradually improve sensory perceptions, concentration, awakening, openness to others, deep relaxation.


The experience of the link between body in movement, consciousness, presence, aims at an harmonious development of all these dimensions.


Throughout my career as a professional dancer and choreographer, this research on sensitive and conscious movement has become the main focus of my work.


My artistic studies in contemporary dance includes a solid training in a converging set of techniques:

contact-improvisation, Alexander technic, yoga, body mind centering, Tai-Chi, ATB (Awarness Through the Body).

I have effectively experimented the fusion of these different approaches when working with dancers, musicians, children, elderly people and persons with Alzheimers’ disease.

Within the practice, you will acquire tools to improve your daily quality of life.

This work can be part of a multidisciplinary approach in addition to medical or therapeutic support.